Research Seminar Series

Below you will find a playlist of seminars that are organized within my research guild discussing the problems we work on. In these weekly seminars, one student (mostly undergraduate students) will present their research to the rest of the guild.  In each seminar one student will make a detailed presentation on a specific problem that they are in lead of to the entire guild. This will allow the presenter to gain a consolidated view of their research and allow the guild memebres to appreciate the work of their fellow student. It is the basic responsibility of the guild to ask questions to understand their friend's research and also provide helpful suggestions that may help with their research. 

My goal behind this seminar series is to bring a culture of working as a team rather than individuals. I would like the guild to work towards each problem as a group rather than treating each problem as an individual problem. If during one seminar anyone from the guild wishes to collaborate and work together with the presenter, I encourage it. I encourage cross collaboration across multiple problem statements and would really like to see collaborative work from my guild. 

If you are an undergraduate or a graduate student at IIT Madras and are interested in joining our guild and seminar series, send me an email. Please make sure that you have gone through my webpage on student expectations prior to sending me an email. 

Conference /Academic Presentations

Artificial Intelligence in Marine Autonomy of ASVs 2023

This talk gives an overview of different problems in guidance, navigation and control of autonomous surface vessels that have a strong potential to be solved by artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques. This was an invited talk for MTS Techsurge - AI for Oceans conference organized at SRM University. 


Autonomous Operation and Maintenance of Marine Vessels 2018

This first half of the presentation introduces the motivation for building autonomous vessels and discusses the challenges associated with building such a vessel. The later half of the presentation provides an overview of the various autonomous systems that are increasingly being used for marine maintenance activities.

Autonomous Vessels

DNV Proposal Presentation 2016

This presentation discusses the idea of coupling a hydrodynamic analysis tool with a strength or fatigue analysis tool. This presentation was pitched by me at the DNV offices in Houston, TX in 2016.

DNV Proposal

A Talk at IIT Kharagpur, India 2016

During my personal visit to India in January 2016, I was invited to deliver a lecture at my alma mater to the students, researchers and faculty on parametric roll. 


Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering (OMAE) 2014

This presentation discusses about the extension of analysis of parametric roll in regular waves to irregular waves using a Volterra series approach of modelling GM variation. The details of the corresponding OMAE 2014 conference paper can be found here.

OMAE 2014 Presentation v1_0.ppt

Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering (OMAE) 2013

This presentation discusses about the analysis of parametric roll of ships in regular waves using Mathieu and Hill's equations. The details of the corresponding OMAE 2013 conference paper can be found here.

OMAE 2013 Presentation v1_0.ppt

SMM Conference 2011

This presentation discusses about the algorithms for the automatic conversion of Engineering Bill of Material to Manufacturing Bill of Material to improve the bottleneck in the shipbuilding process. The details of the corresponding conference paper can be found here.

A PLM Model for Industry_pptFormat.ppt