Student Voice

There is no greater feeling than when a student appreciates your efforts as his/her instructor or mentor. This page documents a chosen few testimonials received from my students that invigorate me to keep pushing the boundaries.

IIT Madras, 2020

Sir, your way of teaching has sparked my interest in Naval architecture.I am looking forward to doing more quality work under your supervision.

Regular coding(MATLAB)assignments helped in maintaining the continuity with what sir taught in the class and therefore these assignments helped in learning new concepts too

A very good course executed well by a great professor....

IIT Madras, 2019

This prof is very enthusiastic...we need more professors like him

Best prof I have seen till date. Very punctual and really helpful

Texas A&M University Galveston, 2018

I just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you for stepping in at the last minute to help teach our Hydrodynamics course this past semester. Although there were a couple of students that seemed to have nothing but complaints throughout the class, I think the vast majority of us truly appreciated the quality of your instruction and your willingness to sit down with us and explain things that we didn't grasp right away. Your presentation of the material was very understandable, and I think that most would agree that we were lucky to have you as an instructor. So thank you again for everything.

Texas A&M University College Station, 2015

Thanks for making your naval architecture lectures interesting. You would make a fantastic professor.