Journal Paper

Added Resistance and Parametric Roll Prediction as a Design Criteria for Energy Efficient Ships

Abhilash Somayajula, Amitava Guha, Jeffrey Falzarano, Ho-Hwan Chun and Kwang Hyo Jung


The increased interest in the design of energy efficient ships post IMO regulation on enforcing EEDI has encouraged researchers to reevaluate the numerical methods in predicting important hull design parameters. The prediction of added resistance and stability of ships in the rough sea environment dictates selection of ship hulls. A 3D panel method based on Green function is developed for vessel motion prediction. The effects of parametric instability are also investigated using the Volterra series approach to model the hydrostatic variation due to ship motions. The added resistance is calculated using the near field pressure integration method.

Keywords: added resistance; 3D panel method; EEDI; parametric roll

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